Friday, October 28, 2005

Ping Pong, Ding Dong, Sing Song

Played Table Tennis (TT) after a long long time.Not that am good at any game on this earth, there are many games where i suck big time,example, I dont like cricket, I cant play video games, but TT is something, where I would say I am Ok. Not too good, not bad either. Last time I played which I remember, should have been way back at college, that is like good two and a half years back! TT after such a long time! And I was too good this time. Would have played some eight games and won all of them. You would say jike, that my opponenets would have been too weak, not the case either. I would say both of them would be at the same level as mine. Few games went close, but many games I thrashed them and it felt good.

Look at me(or for that matter many of the working class today). Physical exercise 0%. Stress 200%(Oh no, not that much of work stress for me, that was a generic scenario). Dont know how long our body would take this routine. People becoming fat day by day and getting all sorts of diseaes so early in life! But on the other side, I would tell you one more thing jike. They opened this gym at office recently and its a good hit. There are so many people who joined it.But dont know how many are regular(Managers of course, would be).But the thing is, people have realised the need of some sort of physical exercise in the present day work culture and thats a good thing. For me, no, I cant be regular or sincere towards these things, I would start it and enthu would go away soon. But, TT after so much time, body sweating hard, and winning games, it all felt good.And people, if you understand that your physical health is in a ding-dong situation,and do something about it, it would be great.

So what about sing song, you ask? Hmm, the other day I went to a Spa Lounge here. I dont drink, I dont smoke, I am single, so what was I doing there? Good question. Actually it was a Halloween party and it was a fund raising party for the kids of Asha and 'Dream a Dream', one more charitable organisation.When did people start celebrating Halloween in India!? Good question again jike and I dont know the answer! I did not and still dont have any idea of what halloween is supposed to be, and what i expected out of the party was to meet some kids and spend some time with them and have dinner and come back and what I got was completely different. It was all high class people over there and foreigners, people drinking, smoking(the shirt i wore still smells of cigarette) and after some time dancing! Initially it was all boring out there,but after some time we all got into the mood. No idea what freaking music or song was played by the DJ,but who the hell cares, all you have to do is dance and thats enjoyment, mind you. For a person who has never been to a pub, this was quiet an experience. "Did you dance?", you ask jike and my answer would be, "I tried to". Good thing was, met a few people from my college over there and it was nice talking to them after a long time. But the place, I tell you, was not something I have seen in my life before!

Anyway, am gonna be away for some time now, Happy Diwali to all who are reading this.Have a lot of travelling in front of me. Would tell about that later.

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Message in the paint ?

Ever noticed KSRTC buses where the 'Ladies' seats are painted in red, with a woman's face on it and other seats painted in green?
Government's way of saying "Stay away from danger!"?

Saturday, October 22, 2005


I have a Nokia 6610 model and thanks to my colleague, installed the Nokia PC Suite for my model and it has been wow ever since. This is one of the many reasons why Nokia phones are damn good.

First had to explore my BIOS and had to enable the Infrared port on my laptop. Then, of course you have to enable the Infrared service on your mobile. Once that is done, you can do whatever you want like transferring files, contacts, music, create ringtones, create wallpapers and what not! Have been transferring some cool snaps from my laptop to my cell phone.

Also, i could send SMSes from my laptop and read SMSes from my laptop without even touching my cell phone!

Try it out with your Nokia model. You would enjoy this.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

When memories can be erased...

Yesterday night,saw a very good movie after some time: Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind.Now, I know where the Tamil movie: "Aa Aaah" was inspired from. Not that SJ Surya has copied it scene by scene, but yeah the central idea is same. But the Tamil movie, the director had the memories wear blue apparels so that audience dont get confused, but here in English, there is nothing like that. Thats what makes the movie more interesting to watch:which one is the memory and which one is the real. Initially, it was difficult for me to find that out, but later as the movie went on, it was simple.One thing which of course you can use to distinguish is Kate Winslet's hair colour: the memories are all red,and in the present she has the hair dyed in blue colour. Was surpised to see Jim Carrey in a serious role, and crying! But it all made sense later as to why he was chosen, when he has to act like a child.

Was able to understand nothing with the initial scenes as to whats going on with this movie. Later,at the end, when the first few scenes of the film get repeated again, it all made sense as to why those scenes were there in the first place. Very interesting theme, where the memories fight hard to make two people unite.If you can make yourself comfortable with the idea that science has advanced to such a stage that it can selectively erase certain memories which you wish to forget, then do watch the movie. Otherwise, you would call this movie a crap.Hmm, who knows a day may come when we can selectively erase our memories(People do suffer from various forms of amnesia, especially our politicians! )

Overall, movie worth a watch.I liked it.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lunch Table Musings

"Customer ke paas paisa hota hai,
Dhimaak nahin hota"

(Customers have money with them, but they dont have a mind.)

Though we all know it, we cannot escape from it. No use complaining about it.

I feel sorry for my team mate, SD at this point of time. Pity him, for he has to unnecessarily go through this process of Knowledge Transfer which most of the times we know is nothing but a total waste of time(my personal expeience atleast!). Read some 10 documents, attend some two or three KT sessions and you are done. Now, you have obtained the necessary 'knowledge' on the project and there you are, good to go! It doesnt matter how long the person who is giving KT has worked on the project, or if at all he has some knowledge on the project, a KT is to be there. No use in complaining, I know, just wanted to record SD in my diary.

May be I would be reading this post years later and would think of what SD has done to me and thank him every time I read this post.Thats the idea behind the post.

@SD:Yeah,even if its an excel application, it needs to be supported. Why? Customer Satisfaction, dear! My first thanks to you through this post. How many times I would end up thanking you, I dont know.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The voice of a stranger

braggadocio \brag-uh-DOH-see-oh; -shee-oh; -shoh\, noun:
1. A braggart.
2. Empty boasting.
3. A swaggering, cocky manner.


The clothes I have soaked for washing on Friday night are still there. The bucket is almost full. Its Monday and I have not even cared to wash them. Thanks to the rain, even if I had hung them up for drying, they would not have dried.. I finally decide, I should wash them. 48 hours in the bucket and my clothes wanted to be free from bondage. I start picking them up one by one and releasing them from the water jail

My cell phone starts ringing. I leave my clothes in the bathroom and see how it is that is calling me this time. Hmm. Exactly the kind of person who would be calling me at this time of the night. Cant blame her as well. She is used to this type of work hours. Poor girl. Sometimes she goes to work at 9 AM and doesnt return home till 11 PM. Our conversations have always been after 10 PM these days. I pick up the phone and after the usual Hi's, How are you doing?, she says this to me.

"Now, close your eyes. Imagine X is in front of you"

This X is another friend of mine and this silly girl thinks I am in love with her.
I ask her,
"Why are you asking me to do this?".
"Do you remember the K.R.Vijaya song?".
"Yeah, Unnai Kaanaadha Kannum Kannalla. I do remember it vaguely, I guess. Long time since I have sung that song.".
"Can you sing it for me now?. I forgot the second stanza.".
"Not sure if I remember it completely, but I would make a try".
"Wait. Start it once I ask you to do so".
"Ok, as you say so"

Now, she is one of the two girls who ask to me sing and she likes this song very much in particular.It was a beauty from Kannadasan. Nothing like hearing P.Suseela back it up with her golden voice.

"Now, you can start".

"Unnai Kaanaadha Kannum Kannalla
Unnai Ennaadha Nenjum Nenjalla
Nee Sollaadha Sollum Sollalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla

Ingu Nee Oru Paadhi, Naan Oru Paadhi
Idhil Yaar Pirindhaalum Vedanai Paadhi
Ingu Nee Oru Paadhi, Naan Oru Paadhi
Idhil Yaar Pirindhaalum Vedanai Paadhi
Kaalangal Maarum Kaatchigal Maarum
Kaadhalin Munne Neeyum Naanum Veralla

Unnai Kaanaadha Kannum Kannalla
Unnai Ennaadha Nenjum Nenjalla
Nee Sollaadha Sollum Sollalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla"

"Hey, actually there are three stanzas to the song"
"But you always used to sing only two of them to me!"
"Yeah, i found out this extra one. Let me sing that"

"Yen Meniyil Unnai Pillayai Poley
Naan Vaari Anaippen Aasaiyinaaley"

"Uhhh, i forgot the rest of the stanza!"
"Hmm, its OK"
"Anyway, let me complete the last stanza for you"

"Oru Deivam Illaamal Kovilum Illai
Oru Kovililaamal Deepamum Illai
Oru Deivam Illaamal Kovilum Illai
Oru Kovililaamal Deepamum Illai
Nee Endhan Kovil, Naan Andha Deepam
Deivathin Munne Neeyum Naanum Veralla

Unnai Kaanaadha Kannum Kannalla
Unnai Ennaadha Nenjum Nenjalla
Nee Sollaadha Sollum Sollalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla"

This is where I like Kannadasan a lot. Poetry, of course, is for you to interpret the way you like to. And this is how I interpret it. The previous stanza ended like:Kaadhalin Munne Neeyum Naanum Veralla. And the next stanza ended like:Deivathin Munne Neeyum Naanum Veralla. Thats Kannadasan's way of saying pure love you have for someone is the God.We dont need any other God on the earth. Not that am getting senti, but thats how I interpret it.And who else can sing it better than P.Suseela. Man, what a voice she had. The best! Anyway, back to the conversation.

"Hey that was damn good. You sang really superb. Your voice was great. I have someone here with me. I had put the phone on speaker and we were both listening to you singing. He wants to talk to you as well. Here, speak to him.He is a malayalee and doesnt know Tamil.So talk in English"

Wow! So i was singing to a stranger as well.That was a bit of surprise for me.

"You sang very well. Your voice is too good"
"Thanks. So did you understand a word of what I sang?"
"No, but music doesnt have any language!"
"Philosophy, huh?"
"No, yaar. Your voice is real good. Why dont you go and compete with SP?"
"SPB, SP Balasubramaniam"

Now, I was overwhelmed. This was going little too much. I dont know till now, whether he trully meant what he said or was it because my friend was besides him?

"Anyway, take care, good night.bye"
"Bye? I thought i was not done with my friend!"

Then my friend picked it up and she started praising me. I told her that I knew that my voice was good at a microphone and this was something I knew. Seems like they were coming in the bus back home and while they were talking, the conversation went into the topic of music and she liked this song and started singing it. Forgot the last stanza and thought would call me up and make me sing. The conversation went on and we hung up and I went back to my clothes.

I call her again. She has just entered her house.

"Hey, know what? I just remembered the stanza which I had forgotten. And I want to sing it for you"
"Yeah, go ahead"
"Whats happening? I hear a lot of disturbance around. You have switched on the TV?
"No, not me. Its the neighbours."
"So loud that even I can hear it here over the phone! Anyway, here it is:

"Yen Meniyil Unnai Pillayai Poley
Naan Vaari Anaippen Aasaiyinaaley
Nee Tharuvaayo Naan Tharuveno
Yaar Thandha Podhum Neeyum Naanum Veralla"

"I didnt hear the last two lines properly. Could you repeat them?"
"Nee Tharuvaayo Naan Tharuveno
Yaar Thandha Podhum Neeyum Naanum Veralla

Unnai Kaanaadha Kannum Kannalla
Unnai Ennaadha Nenjum Nenjalla
Nee Sollaadha Sollum Sollalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla
Nee Ilaamal Naanum Naanalla"

Great song. One of my favourites of P.Suseela. Even SPB whom the guy asked me to compete with, I have heard him once say like:"Lot of people say Suseela mam is the Lata Mangeskhar of South India. I beg to defer. For me Suseela mam is the best singer I have ever sung with. Lataji should called as P.Suseela of North India". Now, I dont know whether he meant it or not, or he said it for the heck of saying it, but for me she is the best along with Asha Bhonsle.

"So whom did you think of while singing that you were feeling so much when you were singing this song?"
"There is no one like that. Anyway, its late. You wouldnt have had dinner. Eat and sleep"
"I dont know. I am tired. I might sleep without dinner as well!"
"Whatever! Take care and good night"
"Good night"

This was a good experience. Getting praised from a friend's colleague and my friend planned it as a surprise for me as well, Felt good. Thank you sweetheart for making me sing.

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Look before you kiss

Ok. For this post, I thank my friend Venkat for the amount of research he has put into this. (Seems like he did an extensive research for more than one hour to get this particular link. Kudos to you ;) ). Before we proceed, lets read this post from his blog. You can see some snaps from a private party in Chennai. And for those who cant read Tamil, I translate it here and my comments now and then in Italics:

The headlines was this: Is this what is called equal rights?(Hey, where did that come from?Why are u pulling equal rights into this? Why do u have this notion that women cannot and most importantly 'should not' booze? This party has nothing to do with women's liberation or equal rights)

The caption under the snaps translate into:
a) Snaps from the Weekend celebrations held in Chennai last week.
b) Probably a reference to the Horlicks ad, it points to the woman whos having beer

And the article below reads this: Dont think that this woman is having some cool drinks in some shop down ur street. She is having foreign 'sarakku' aka booze only. (Hey, what difference does it make, be it a local 'sarakku' or foreign 'sarakku'?. And then he says something which is even more irritating). Because, a glass is not enough for her, she is gulping down the whole bottle.(How stupid! So, would the reporter be happy if she had drunk the whole bottle in 10 glasses instead, say? She is drinking, Ok, and what difference does it make if its straight from the bottle, or if its taken in a glass? And then he says that this happened in Park Hotel chennai after a fashion show. And that instead of the regular cat walk, people, who came in pairs started drinking and started their 'leelas'. Then he says a funny thing, which makes me laugh a lot. Listen to this.)

In this age, when married couple hesitate and feel shy to walk in 'public' with their hand-in-hand, (and thats what our culture is), there is this culture of people driniking, kissing and hugging in public which is getting spread.(Hey, which age are u in? Married couple hesitating to hold hands in public? Somebody stop me from laughing)

(And then comes the attack. Now he has to blame it all on someone right? So he says this:).The Police Commissioner had promised that such 'obscene' fashion shows wont happen in Chennai. But, 'everyday' in star hotels, such 'obscene' fashion shows keep on happening. Just because, they are high class society people, is police hesitating to take actions against them?

Ok, there ends the article. Police did seem to take some action.And I did a bit of searching myself, and I found this interesting post on someone's
blog. I liked this guy's idea of getting licence to kiss someone. That was a real good post.

All i can say is this: I heard that this reporter gate crashed into the party. If thats the case, what was this guy doing there? And look at the snaps he has taken and from the 'angles' in which he has taken few snaps. Now, see the snaps and tell me, who is perverted more, is it the reporter or the people in the party? Dear, film heroines wear much less dress these days, you wait days and weeks to get their interviews and put their snaps in every possible page so that ur newspaper sells big, and you call this lewd? This guy wanted some sensational news and the paper is blowing it out of proportion. And police, cant sit quiet right? They have to show that they did something about it. So they cancel the rights to the hotel, try to arrest the girls in picture and they have taken action, u see.

If its a private party, its none of your business to peek in and take snaps like this and publish it. If that is the case, I guess the concerned people should sue this newspaper. And what if this happens in public? Honestly, I dont mind it. Its none of your business if a guy and girl kiss in the public. In what way, does it affect you? Or how does that concern you?Tell me honestly, dont you imagine yourself doing it, atleast I do! I see people doing it in public, and you may call me perverted, I dont care, I dont mind doing it either(I wont have the courage to do it,and I might not do it at all in my life,that is a different story altogether!But I dont mind). So, dear newspaper, please, stop doing this shit. Instead of wasting time on these things, try to do something real useful for the public. I would definitely appreciate your efforts on that.But newspapers, TV and media live on sensational news. And you got one definitely in this.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

At this moment, I am...

a) Scared
b) Bored
c) Amazed
d) Hopeful
e) Happy
and most of all
f) Awake!