Tuesday, May 31, 2005


First few lines of one of Kannadaasan's greatest philosophical songs I have heard: (Mistakes,if any,let me know)

Paramasivan kazhuthil irundhu paambu kettadhu,"Garudaa Sowkiyamaa?"
"Irukkum Idhadhil Irundhu Kondaal Ellorum Sowkiyamey", Garudan Sonnadhu,
Adhile Arththam Ulladhu.

Haaa... Beautiful lines...Conveying so many things and making more sense to me right now!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Read in yesterday's newspaper about this Japanese puzzle game, which has become a craze with people in the United Kingdom.Learn about the game here.Thought would try my hand at it. I went here and I am trying to solve today's sudoku and after breaking my head for some time now, I have passed the task to my colleague. Sudoku should be a good time pass when you are really feeling bored and want to kill time.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Genius Quote

"It is attitude and not aptitude that makes me reach the altitude."
- Ms.Jesika Hasmukh Haria, Sixth Class Student from Mumbai on being asked what makes her a tough competitor at the India Child Genius competition. Boy, that was close to a tongue twister for me! Saw her this weekend on TV reach the grand finale of the competition.

Watch the programme on Star World 9pm every Sunday night. Real good one. The toughness of the questions and the easiness in which these kids between 10-12 years of age answer them, its amazing to watch.

Oops, in my curiousity,minutes back,I just found out who won the title. The story of the person who won it was a real inspiring one!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Haiku: I like u

Read these in a Tamizh weekly and liked them:

Raavanan Thothathil

Kaadharuge Mattum
Ketkum Katcheri

Friday, May 06, 2005

Things at Work: Part 4 - Chath Gir Gaya

Scary thing happened today morning now. The false ceiling, along with the concrete on the floor in which I am seated collapsed and almost 20 to 30%of the east wing(I sit in the west wing) came under this destruction. I saw security guys running here and there shouting,"Switch off the A/C and all electric connections". I didnt pay any attention to any of these and was glued to my monitor, where on Sametime, I was chatting with someone in the second floor(mine is ground floor). And this happened:

Him: we will use the new overrides
Him: after the tests. that one has a bit less of logging
Me: are we having the overrides? or are you going to provide?
Him: its in the vishy folder
Me: do i apply it now?
Him: no. wait
Me: fine
Him: is ur ead safe
Him: head
Me: ?

Him: i hear the roof is fallind
Him: on the ground floor
Him: huge chunks of concrete
Me: oh
Me: i didnt know that
Me: its all OK here
Him: look around, near the facitlities section i think
Me: let me see
Me: yeah.. they are asking us all to move to food court
Me: i am vacating my WS now
Him: oh man
Him: u there?

Then, what else? We all vacated our respective work stations, had this as a reason for one more round of morning tea.We were told that as a precaution, they are gonna remove false ceiling from whole of the floor.

People started joking around:
"Man, this is the best way to lay off people!"
"Hey,shall I wear helmet and work?May be I would be safe then"

Facilities, HR etal were busy calling the constructor and shouting at them. Ours is a brand new facility, mind you, not even 3 months old. And still construction work is going on in many parts of the building. Just brings me back to these questions:
a)How much safe are the buildings? With the way in which Bangalore is exploding with concrete buildings everywhere, the builders are just trying to finish off the stuff fast and move to another building. Good thing is that, there was no one injured today at our work place because that portion was vacated just days back and people moved to a different floor, but its definitely not the case at many other places.Yeah, I have read/heard and seen many reports of buildings poorly constructed collapsing now and then.
b)Isnt there someone to check, test and certify that, "Yeah, we have tested this construction and everything has been done properly"?And shouldnt we be moving to a place only after making ourselves sure of this? I guess there should be something like that, but we are ignoring these important stuff because we are in haste.This is more important than test thats done on anything, like fridge, iron box, washing machine etc etc.We do buy things with ISI marks and if there is a sticker that says "Tested OK", we are more confident to buy that product. What about the buildings we live/work?Arent we missing something on our part?

Whatever it is, many of us would be staring at the ceiling from now on, every now and then, just to make sure that we are safe!