Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Back from my hiatus

I have not forgotten the user name and password after all. That is a good sign. So many times over the past few months, I had very strong urges to write (rather ramble and complain most of the times) but I resisted all the temptations. Partly because, am lazy to write. Partly because, I pretend to be busy. Anyway, thanks to all of those who are expecting posts on this url and all those who keep asking me to blog. I assure that I would return back to active blogging in the near future. How near, I am not sure.

I was listening to this song from 'Punnagai Mannan' and somehow these lines moved me a lot.

Sila Pookkal Dhaane Malargindradhu
Pala Pookkal Yeno Udhirgindradhu
Badhil Yenna Kooru
Poovum Naanum Veru

May be reflecting my current mood. And what a voice to back it up with all the emotions.Super! That is what has made me finally break my hiatus on this site, folks!

Anyway, the idea is to keep you people guessing about why these lines here. Until next time, bye everyone!

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