Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Nice birthday celebration to remember

Nice birthday to remember. Everything went perfect.The cake, the bumps. Then "the mix" my friends here poured on me (The smell of eggs still on me after taking bath for two times from the time they did it). And the best part of it, they made me dance. They knew that I would sing song after song if am asked to. So, apparently prior preparation had gone into deciding which songs I should dance to. Well, initially I did the usual "You know I dont know to dance. I can't do it" stuff. Then, for a change, I started showing enthu. I did not really know that time what I was doing, but who cares! The idea was simple: My friends would choose a song on laptop and play it on the laptop. I should watch it and make the same moves. Boy, it was hilarious. The songs ranged from Chiru to Shakira to Omkaara. Bet all of them had a nice time watching me dance and shake my hips like shakira. Who cares how I danced, my friends all enjoyed and I enjoyed it with them. My dance videos,hmm, very high demand for them. Mail me,shall send them across.

Thanks to all of you for wishing me over mail,orkut and by calling. It was a very very nice birthday celebration to remember.May be the last of my college life. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Was talking to my dad now and he was asking me whether I am scared now as I turned 25.I told him why should I be ? Everyone turns 25 at some point in life.Dont know what he meant by that. May be that I should start being more responsible and mature, is that what he meant? May be.Lets see how the year unfolds. Signing off, as of now, in a very happy mood.