Sunday, May 21, 2006

Confessions of a happy mind

This is it Jike. Finally we are here.Writing this 100th post in a very happy mood :)

Everyone loves him. He is the star. He is the centre of all attractions.He is adored by parents,friends,colleagues and relatives alike. Where did one find such a person who can be so nice and good is a debate in itself. He regales, he makes us laugh, he inspires, he motivates, he shouts, he scolds, he beats, he talks, he sings,he dances,he plays,he drives,he works,he loves, he does everything. How one can do so many things to so many people at the same time, I was,am,would always wonder. He is someone to be proud of.Sometimes I feel like every second of his life is doubly precious not for him, but for others surrounding him, for, we all fight for each and every second of his life,to be just with him. That is enough for me atleast. Nothing more is needed in my life. The happiness I get by spending few minutes with him is more than any other happiness I would ever get in my life. I long for it. I yearn for those special moments with him. I pray that I get a better bargain this time,a better chunk of time from his life each and every time I meet him.I would never forget those special moments. Sometimes, he forgets. I do not. The moments of joy, the moments of sadness, the moments when we fought, the moments when we cried, the moments he consoled me, the moments I consoled him, they all stay afresh im my memory and I do not do any magic to keep them with me. May be because, it is him. He, so special, and he, so magical. He, who gives a special meaning to my life. He who again and again emphasises why life is worth living for. He who is always a role model for so many people. I always wanted to be like him.No matter how hard I try, I cannot be him. I used to be jealous. I always wanted him for me and no one else. How immature can a mind be! Now, I realise how foolish I had been. He is not someone who can be kept with one person alone. He is the source of comfort and happiness to millions in this world. Now, I am enjoying the feeling I get by sharing him with others and this feeling is also so great. Is there anything about him that can be bad? No, not at all! It cannot be. I can just be thankful that I have had a chance to meet him and revel in those special mooments we spent and would spend together.

He is Onida Poison LCD TV. Neighbour's envy. Owner's pride!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Smile, a(n) (n)ever lasting smile

Let's face it. When it comes to making first contacts, we suck, suck big time.Unless its someone you know, like your friend or your neighbour, why I should I even bother to talk to someone, unless he/she is introduced by someone whom both of us know. Get what am saying?

I have a code submission today, my boss is behind my ass. I fought with my wife today yet again, day by day,she's turning out to be a monster whom I can't tolerate. Kids, they are a big pain man, you know. Always whining,complaining and crying.Boss,give me a break! Gold prices are shooting to a rockety space. LPG and fuel prices are going to get increased once again, God, what's happening to this country!?. Would India win today's cricket match and would Mr.X score a century today so that his batting average increases by 0.1 and beats Mr.Y's avearge? I have so many things to fret about and you want me to ask my neighbour in the bus whether he is doing fine or not!?

The English teacher used to say: "It's sad to note that we follow so many unwanted things from the west but not good things like how to greet people in public, how to behave in a public place when we meet total strangers.".She used to say that that's what makes a good impression of you, the first impression. People can gauge to a certain extent,how well mannered, you are. Yeah, Mam, we take only the things which suit us and we ignore the rest.

Like the other day, I was in this ATM with my relative(The ATM was over-packed of course.What do you expect on a weekend, huh? And it's an unwritten rule that if you have two vending machines, one would be not working or out of cash. On that day though, both were working.Surprising!).Anyway, there was this guy who wanted a lot of money and the denominations available were only 100's on that machine towards the left. I wanted a huge amount as well and this security guard said that the machine on the left had 1000's. So we were standing in the queue and the guy I talked about earlier, he started taking a lot of time. Obviously people behind were getting restless. I turned around and there was this girl(yeah, she was beautiful, but that doesn't matter here) and she smiled at me. What that smile meant, I knew and she knew that I understood what her smile meant: What a bad luck that we got stuck behind this man who's spending ages before the machine. Those words were not exchanged between us, but that little smile, that suggested it all. Immediately, my relative nudges me from the side and asks me: "Do you know that girl?". I shrug off my shoulders and say, "No, I don't". Then my relative asks me: "Then, why is she smiling at you?".

I didn't bother to explain the reason. That smile was enough for me to start a small conversation with her and we talked and talked(We had our man before the machine still !!!). By the way, he turned out to be good guy, huh. Not only he blasted the security for misleading us regarding the denominations, he also apologised to everyone in the queue for making us wait.How many times do we see someone do that? I want my money, I would take whatever time I want, why do I have to apologise to someone waiting because of me. Thats what we get most of the times. How does that apology matter, one might ask. You still waited for a long time, isn't it?. Well, apart from the fact that I got a chance to talk to a beautiful girl, it leaves us with a good impression on him isn't it? We get to know that you understand that we had a problem because of you and when you acknowledge the fact, we might even forget what we went through because of you and there is peace and there is amicability.

Small things you do,small faults of yours which you acknowledge, a smile, a sorry is what goes a long way to solve and even prevent big issues. And when would people understand that? I am not going to bet on that.