Friday, December 31, 2004

Year that was and the year that is gonna be!

So dad is back again. I might not be able to talk to you for next 2 days and so, here i am with you...It is the final day of 2004 and there is a festive atmosphere all around.. People are awaiting the birth of 2005. Sometimes I dont understand few things which people do? So, what if a new year is born? Everyday, a new day is born and we dont celebrate ! Every month, a new month is born and we dont celebrate that! So what if a new year is born? Why is that we are celebrating that alone, huh? And people ask : Whats your new year resolution? What are you gonna do new this year?

Honey, give me a break! Why do you need a new year for all these resolutions? If you are determined and dedicated, you would do all these things on any particular day of the year! Why do you have to wait till new year for this, huh? And they also say "Resolutions are meant to be broken! "... Crazy!

So, i was confused today(as usual)... Did not feel like working at all(as usual) !!! (Dont ask me when do you feel like working? I dont have an answer for that either ) So went out for lunch today with two of my close colleagues:Ashok and Indy, to Pizza Hut. It was my idea to go out for lunch.. See, if you are not working, others also should not. So on the way, asked this question to Ashok and this is what he had to say: "See if you think of it like this way, then whats the need for Diwali or whats the need for Sankaranthi? These are the times when people take a break from their normal routine and enjoy..." Hmmm. Good point... Think of it this way: Isnt it great that people all over the world take a break from their normal routine and enjoy on the same time of the year? Sounds good. So may be thats why we have all these festivals.

So, the new year mood finally sank inside me(Ha ha.. I havent even paid Ashok his money.. everytime when we go out, he is the one who pays )... So what am I gonna do on new year eve? Nothing great! All my room mates have gone back home and I am home alone with Mr.Television as my company... So thats how i am gonna welcome this new year... Man, i have not washed clothes for 4 weeks now and my room is sorta stinkin... Guess, I would go to my grandpa's for the weekend, eat , take rest and welcome the new year with my grandpa and my uncle...

And how was 2004 for me? What were my highs and lows? Hmmm. Yeah to put it short:

1)Got promoted by one grade(Not a big deal in my company though... Everybody gets promoted after one year of joining!, but still....)
2)I am a person who likes travelling a lot...So this year did quiet a bit of travelling, mostly pilgrimage you can say, with my parents, and that made me really happy!

I didnt achieve anything great this year, so cant list anything here... May be worked on product bugs, did little bit of coding and stayed late so many days, attended conference calls like cant remember the number!These are the things any Software Professional does, so no big deal!

But yes, the greatest thing that had happened to me this year was I met a great philosopher, guide, teacher in the form of my Project Manager... One of the persons I have never met in my life so far and dying to meet(after Megan Mullally, of course)... More about him in the following posts....

1) Made a futile attempt with respect to the higher studies plan... That didnt work out at all!!!Great disappointment...
2) Spent "only" 40 minutes the whole year with the person I love the most in this world.. Cmon, we work for 40 hrs a week minimum, jike, and this figure is like totally bad...

So what plans for 2005? Hmm. Lemme think..

1) Have to be serious abt higher studies and by the end of 2005, this plan should get executed successfully.
2) Hmmm. Towards the end of 2004, started taking care of physical health by going to gym.. Should continue that and must be regular..."Commitment" is the word here...
3) Should learn swimming..
4) Should get my DL done...
5) Should learn atleast one foreign language...Why? Just like that!

Ok, enough.. I myself am not sure how much of the above i would be able to complete successfully. But if 1) is taken care of properly, I would win the award for "Happiest Person 2005".

So jike, wish me all the best... And I wish you and all the others who are reading this with you, a very happy and prosperous new year... Common guys, lets rock the world !!!


Prudence McPrude, The Mayoress of Prudie Town

Woman 1: Ok. Ok, ok. So maybe I haven't had sex with more than one person at a time, but I've done a lot of crazy things. I once had sex in the kitchen.
Man: Ooh. What are you-- A rock star?
(Man and Woman 2 laugh at Woman 1)
Woman 1: What is that? All right. No. You're done. I have clients coming. Get out.
Man: If I don't, are you gonna spank me, kinko?
Woman 1: Get out!
Man: Whoa! If I hear anything like that in the boudoir, watch out!
(Woman 1 pushes the man out of her office)
Woman 1: I don't care what either of you say, I am not a prude.
Woman 2: Oh, honey. Come on. Come on. I love you like the mother I had committed against her will. But you are Prudence McPrude, the Mayoress of Prudie Town.
Woman 1: you are wrong.
Woman 2: Quack, quack. No, I'm not.
Woman 1: Yes, you are!
Woman 2: Quack.

So, jike, confused? This is just a part of a scene of a tele-serial to which am addicted to. This scene is there as a video over the net and I have been watching this 2:02 clip like, I dont know how many times over the last couple of days! Ok, enough of it... Woman 1 is 'Grace'. Man is 'Will' and Woman 2 is 'Karen'. This is from the episode "Love Plus One", the third season of "Will and Grace". This is the only episode I have seen so far which Karen(my favorite character) opens and folds. You might not enjoy this scene if you watch it. I have seen how Karen opens up the episode and how she folds it, it was amazing!

Thanks to Rob Durfee for the transcript. I have been publicising the website with so many of my friends now... Its really a cool site, jike..Visit it whenever you get time.

About Will and Grace, to tell you the fact, when i watched it some 5 or 6 months back, I never used to like it.. I would change the channel as soon as I hear the voice of Karen. Used to think "What a horrible voice is that!"...And now, things have changed tremendously, jike. I am sleeping every night only after seeing Will and Grace... Karen and Jack are having great influence on me.. Fabulous actors all the four of them- but Megan Mullally and Sean Hayes, no one in this world can play Karen and Jack better than them... I just cant stop laughing when i hear them.. When the day has gone bad for you, theres nothing that rejuvenates you like "Will and Grace"...

And Rob's site is also fabulous.. The accent sometimes becomes a problem for me to understand. So what I do everyday these days is: Watch the episode in the night and come back in the morning and read the transcript and laugh over it again and again..This has become a habit for me now. I have just seen till third season and that too till this episode, "Coffeee & Commitment" and man, I just cant tell which episode i liked the best... But these are some scenes which I would never forget in my life:

a) Karen and Jack playing charades (Big Brother is Coming Part 2)
b) The premiere of Jack 2000 when Jack sings along with himself (Grace 0, Jack 2000)
c) The sexual harassment video that Jack and Karen do (Terms of Employment)
d) Will and Karen laugh at Grace when she tells them about Nicholas' plan(Love plus one)
e) Karen and Jack fighting over Rosario (Fear and Clothing)
f) Karen and Jack's "Slap Fest" (Coffee and Commitment)

Ok, guess the list would be endless. Lemme stop here.Hmmm. If there is one episode which I have to name as my best(though its really difficult), I guess I would say, "Homo for the Holidays" : This is the episode where Will and Grace invite Jack's mother for thanksgiving dinner, karen and grace fight over jack, will's confessions to jack and jack learns about his birth secret from his mother...

One more thing about reading the transcripts: I have learnt lot many new words in English, ok?.. To name a new: boudoir,cancan,delouse, prude,comped,skank,kinky... :)

Hey, jike, why do you think I am telling all this to you now? Remember I told you last time that i would tell you why you were named JIKE in the first place? Now, it has to do with "Will and Grace". J- from Jack, I- from wIll, K- from Karen and E-from gracE.. I dont know whether I would have a real life son and whether I would be able to name him Jike! But i can definitely name my e-son JIKE.. Though it is named "Will and Grace", for me,its actually Jack and Karen who steal the show .... So I have taken the first letters of their names and from Will, I have taken 'I' and from Grace 'E'. You are my tribute to Max Mutchnick's creation, jike, you are!

So thats it for now... Hope you are doing well...I am doing great...Hope to see many more episodes of W&G and would get you posted on that if possible.

Until next time I catch you, kisses, honey :)


Thursday, December 30, 2004

The birth of my baby...

Ha! here he is...The long wait for a child is finally over for me.. My baby! Here, you are! Look, how handsome he is... Oh, my sweet little zygote... Finally you have developed into a baby! How long your dad had to wait for this... I cant explain how happy I am to see you my son.. You are what I am gonna be proud of.

Welcome to the e-world, my son!

First things first.. You need to have a name.So, what do I call you? diary... diary should be the second most common name in this world after Mohammad :). e-diary? you, definitely are one, but, no, dad did not like that either. What do I name you? Hmmm. hmmm. (dad is thinking).... hmmm. hmmm... (still thinking) hmmm. hmmm... (damn it,nothing seems to strike dad's mind).... ha! got it... This is what am gonna name you: you are gonna be called Jike. .. Its sotta short, so i dont have to type a lot.. ha ha ha..

Now, you dont have a mama... dad is gonna be your everything.. dad is gonna be your mom,friend, teacher, lover and whatever relation you can think of in this world... Its all gonna be me.. Clear?So zygote, you would like to understand a more about your dad, isnt it?

So, dad is trying to understand what he is.. Still not that clear... Confused person! Dad is very sensitive, sentimental, emotional... Dad is very lazy when it comes to important things in life! Dad also feels like he lacks commitment when it comes to important things again.. dad is very low in confidence... So dad is what you dont wanna see in a person, but hey, I am not that bad a person either...wonderful things have happened in my life recently that i am trying to get out of all the non-sense i have mentioned above, ok? Stories on that would follow soon...

And, listen jike, why did i give birth to you first of all? To prove that men can bear babies? no! you naughty naughty...listen.. i have seen guys having blogs for a long time now.. somehow the idea never interested me... Why do you have to spend time before a computer and write your life story there? I have seen guys going to office in the weekend and the reason: To blog! Common, give me a break... Isnt more than 60 hours of work in 5 days like a dog enough for you guys? Do you have to spend time before the monitor and that too on a weekend to write e-diary? Doesnt that sound stupid, jike? I mean, if you cant let your feelings out to your parents, friends, lover, a human being in short,but to a computer monitor instead, what sort of person are you? And what sort of life are you leading? This is what i used to think....

Did dad scare you? So inspite of all this, why did i have you jike? Hmm..Ok.. dad is gonna let his first secret out..may be because, dad has used letters and e-mails a lot to rescue his relationship wrt his friends, when its sorta strained.... he feels what he cant express face to face with a person, he does it better with an e-mail or a letter... i am a weird person... thats the summary of it for you...

Also, say in the near future i become a celebrity and there comes a situation where i have to write an autobiography, what to I do? i cant remember all minute details regarding what happened everyday in my life, can I? So jike, you are gonna help me when i face a situation like that, ok?

You, jike, are gonna be the record of whatever happens in my life from now and that is what makes you so special.. Dad is gonna come to you when hes happy, when hes sad... when he feels like he has to spit it out... when he finds there is no one else to share!

So, be a patient listener.. i wud fill you with lots of interesting things that happen around me... And be a happy person in life... Thats what I want you to be... My zygote should be full of zeal in his life..Understood? I am gonna leave you today with this... Now, till we meet next, there are so many koochy-poochy web sites around you.. visit them and have fun my son.. Love you a lot..