Thursday, May 17, 2007

Does 'Idol' mean anymore what it means?

Well, I would have never started watching 'American Idol' had it not been for Sanjaya. It was casual browsing of google news that lead me into this 17 year old kid who has been making news waves all over America.He was, at one time more popular(for good and bad reasons) among people than Hillary Clinton, running for the presidential polls! Ok, why is he making all the news, thanks to America's (so called) number one television show, the one and only 'AMERICAN IDOL'.

So, what is American Idol? I assumed that it was a singing competition where over 100000 hopefuls audition every year and finally after over months of gruelling competition and ordeal, a winner is declared and 'people of America' choose their Idol. Well, I think I am not sure if I can believe the last part of that last statement anymore after what happened yesterday night, for I am writing this post in a state of utter shock and disappointment.

Melinda,Melinda, Melinda.True to Simon's words, she is one heck of a singer.Such a powerful voice she has. She can make people cry, laugh,dance and go Wow over her performance. Not only did she gave Diana Ross goose bumps, whenever I listen to her rendition of 'There will come a day', I get them too. I cant even say how good I felt when she sang 'I believe in you and me', the Whitney Houston song.Super, out of this world! If you think well those are slow ballad and opera type songs, what about 'Trouble is a woman' which is so full of fun anf makes me feel like dancing,and one of my favourites of hers: the Bon Jovi song 'Have a Nice Day'. I dont even have a count of how many times I listened to her rocking that song!And how many get invitation from Bon Jovi to join his band? She was the only one who was consistently good all through out, be it 'Sway' : where I thought the voice was so sassy and sexy, same with 'I've got Rhythm' and 'Nutbush City Limits' . How many times have I seen Simon clap his hands and applauding, like he did for Melinda for 'I believe in you and me'. The thing that I like a lot about Melinda is she puts her soul into a song, she interprets the lyrics of the song and sings with a feeling which it carries, take for example, 'As long as he needs me' . Her rendition of 'My funny Valentine' was considered the best performance ever on Idol. This she performed even before she made into the Top 12. She has been consistent all through the season, week after week, I was just waiting to see what she is going to sing every week.

This is a singing competition and you are looking for an Idol, someone who you can look upto and say, well I want to be a singer like him/her one day and there was no other better left in Season 6 than her. Agreed, Jordin is a good singer. I absolutely loved Jordin's 'Broken Wing' and 'I who have nothing' but in comparison to Melinda, Jordin is not a better singer.I agree that Jordin was the perfect number 2 this season. The thing that I am not able to digest is people chose Blake over Melinda!!! Common man, give me a break. I was reading over few user comments and there was one which said, Melinda makes Blake to look like a cartoon character. Yeah, that is the true difference between the two. If she had lost it to two good singers, I would not have complained.

I still cannot understand it. I mean, I am still trying to figure out whether America really voted her off or was it because the producers of Idol thought she was not marketable enough for their records? At this point, I am more inclined towards the latter. I am not sure anymore that our votes actually count. I tried voting for Melinda tuesday night, the line would always be busy and I would never get it through, the '06' line of hers. So, was this all pre-planned? Just because Jordin is 17 and Blake is appealing to young teenage girls, you take a true singing talent which you are 'supposed' to be finding, out of the competition!? This is disgusting.She was never in the bottom 2 or 3, a clear favourite to win. Everyone thought so. Even yesterday, just before the results, on E!, every bookie was betting that she is the next Idol. Is it her fault that she is older to Jordin and Blake, and all you want was to produce records which young teens can enjoy? Or, Is it that or people of this country have a weird taste for singing and singers?

I have not watched previous seasons of Idol, but have been told that this is not the first time Idol is doing something like this. Read that Chris Daughtry was voted off from the final four when he was arguably the best singer in Season 5. I watched him on youtube and boy, he was too good. One more contestant for whom I have seen Simon clap and applaud for his 'What a wonderful world'. Everyone was shocked last year when he was voted off like what I am today seeing Melinda go.

Look, I have never heard English and if you tell my friends back home that I am talking about Bon Jovi, Tina Turner, Whitney Houston or Diana Ross, they might laugh at you. The good thing about Idol was it made me listen to different type of music which I was never used to listening. At the bottom of my heart, I think that I am a singer and that is why I am pissed off at Melinda's elimination. The bigger question I am asking through this post is, has real talent lost its value in this world? If that is the case,it doesnt matter how good you are in what you do, someone not as talented as you would always find their way to top before you and you might never even make it.

I had plans. My semester was over finally yesterday evening. I would see Melinda make it to the finals and next week, I should have enjoyed three more songs from her before seeing her getting crowned as the American Idol. It is never going to be that way! Jordin vs Blake. I wont even watch it. For that matter, there is no point in watching Idol anymore.

Still,there are some positive things I get out of last night. After all, Idol is nothing but a reality show.Like every other reality show, everything is pre-determined,fixed, there is nothing 'real' to it. If I have to remain sane, I should stop watching all of these reality TV shows.They are very artificial,rehearsed and phony. Their only aim is to make money and keep the ratings up. Second,Chris, though eliminated from the final four last year, till today, remains the highest earning American Idol artist outside the top 2 finishers. I hope and pray the same for Melinda. You would always be my idol Melinda. You are a star already and hope you have great things happening in your life!

What are you saying, Steven Spielberg is starting a reality show on FOX next week searching for America's next top film maker? Get out!

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