Sunday, August 26, 2007

Save me

from watching reality TV shows. I know that it's all drama,well scripted and all bullshit and nonsense. But, that is what making people watch them, isnt it? Search for a singing superstar, dancer, director, producer, comedian, model,chef, bride, bridegroom, lover, princess, a date. Does this end somewhere!? And how do you stay away from them?


Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I-Day addiction

My independence day addiction is this

Next, Lata Mangeshkar in the making? May be! Very strong and powerful voice.I bet the best of the best singers in India could not have performed this song like how Poonam performed it all in one go! One of the best performances on a reality music show I have seen so far. Yesterday night,was listening to this song until my ears started paining and finally gave them rest around 4.15 AM. Very innocent and humble person with a touching life story. Hope she becomes a great playback singer of India.

The other interesting thing about this performance(atleast for me) was that the Vande Mataram song actually has more lyrics to it than the four or five lines of it which I had known. Never knew that the song was published in a book called Anandmatha and the Vande Mataram I have known all these years was the one which the Congress approved in 1905. After all these years, Wiki told me more about what is my 'national' song.

Humming a patriotic song on the I-day, for a change!

Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram Vande Mataram

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Monday, August 13, 2007

Shit happens ?

Those were the words spoken to a friend over the phone , around 4 AM on a cold Jersey morning. It was more of like a consolation. As the call ended, a thought came to the mind as to whether shit happens all the times or just gets created by ourseleves most of the times which we are not ready to accept and acknowledge.