Saturday, July 14, 2007

Grand Slam Tennis, baby!

After watching tennis on TV for over 15+ years, finally, finally, yours truly would be watching Grand Slam tennis live from a stadium. That's right baby. I am going to Flusing Meadows, Arthur Ashe Stadium for watching Men's Singles Quarterfinals of this year's US Open on September 6. Yahooooo!

Without any rain dealys or early round upsets or injuries or withdrawals, I would see Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal play live before my eyes. Am very excited and looking forward to it.

As a side story, I started playing tennis today. I sucked, that is alright, first day first show. Planning to continue it over the summer. Man, never thought a tennis court was this big. I don't know how these guys and gals cover it. Amazing!

And talking about shows, to end the day, watched this horrible horrible movie called "Transformers". Alien robots saving earth shit. Bad advice. Don't ever watch the movie unless you like those kind of movies. They dragged the movie so much and two and a half hours of bullcrap. Was like modern Lord of the Rings, some cube instead of a ring to be destroyed. First english movie in the US in a theatre and it sucked!

Anyway, let me remember yesterday for tennis. Once again, yahooooo!



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