Thursday, March 16, 2006

Family on Wheels

Read about them here. And this is their website.Its in French. But yeah, as an étudiant of French language, I should be reading it and understanding it myself. Its a source of knowledge for me.

Anyway, I also had the wonderful oppurtunity to interact with them personally.In fact,all of us in the class did.They were present in our French class one day.We had asked them questions, which they would answer in French of course(thanks to our French teacher) and we would try hard,scratch our heads to comprehend what they said.But, thats ok. Its the part of the learning process.

They showed us their vehicle and how they manage to eat,bath,drink,read,drive,sleep,play in that vehicle. We all loved this family very much.Somepoint or other in our life, many of us wanted to tour the world like them. The kids are so sweet. They are just six, they are twins and they dont understand any other language other than French.So it was fun trying to converse with them with the little French we know. The parents would speak English,rather I should say, manage somehow to speak English. But they said that language has never been a problem for them so far. Whatever English they know, they manage with that.The parents have a strong belief that the world, the voyage would teach their kids more than what a classroom would do and they have been travelling since May 2005.In fact the guy quit his well paying job in Europe and started this voyage.

For those who are bored with their mundane life, here is an example in this family, about pursuing what you like to do in life rather than pursuing what you have to do or forced to do or do not want to do.Message from these guys is simple: Follow your passions in your life truthfully.Ultimately thats what is going to make you happy. The rest all, doesnt matter much!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

For you, my love

Person whom I have seen till yesterday evening,out of nowhere,takes an exigency leave today and gets married. Am flabbergasted. Things love does to a person!